The National Gallery UK

The expanding universe has traditionally written in the past that I explore various genres more in different countries than others. Early 2017 I returned to England for the first time in two years. Photography and my feet had transported me to 16 countries in this time. I had photographed many things, enjoyed a few firsts and more publications, it was tremendous. Now back visiting I was blessed with an opportunity to add another prestigious British name and destination to my CV along with the likes of The Diana Award, Barclays, KPMG, The House of Commons and the Emirates Stadium to name a few.

All area’s pass, just don’t photograph things that are on loan, they said. I covered a few events over the time and some photographed some historic architecture. Always a unique challenge to shoot in an cultural environment with low and restricted light. Some of the areas contained enough light, but I’d never visited the gallery before and of course the first event was downstairs without the beautiful sky lights the building offers.

At the time I was due to leave for North America again, so declining future dates I was offered with them was quite unfortunate. Unfortunate but still blessed for the time I did have with them.

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