The Milk Effect

The set up was simple due to the fact we were using a well lit bathroom. It had a large mirror on the wall with bright tube lights down both sides, I also had the ceiling light on. I used one off camera continuous light and pointed straight up at the white ceiling. This would bounce and spread the light perfectly around the room.

The bath had a ledge at one end so I could have a bit more stability standing over the bath, and model. It was fortunate not to create any shadows as I stood over the bath and the only thing I had to be careful of was the light from the mirror reflecting into a shot and of course falling in.

I had seen others images of this type of shoot but they were always trying to be so pretty. Some look great, don't get me wrong but seeing pretty flowers and fruit whilst a model tries to be beautiful is just another over saturated theme.

What I do like about this type of shoot is how you can stretch a certain level of mystery to images. With the right  amount of milk the body is not visible through the water. I would recommend making it deep it enough so the model is fully submerged but also not too much that they can not raise themselves or hold parts of themselves in up for brief moments of time. Make sure you have a towel aside for your model incase they get they milky water in their eyes. Apparently it doesn't taste to great either so do offer some clean water to drink.

I would recommend using Soya milk in support of sustainable farming and the non animal abuse to cows. If you would like me to shoot you in a milk bath please get in touch, I am also looking for models to shoot with coloured bath bombs. If you are a photographer and would like assistance with this kind of shoot I would also be happy to help. You can contact me here.

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