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I have shot my fair amount of musicians over the years, in bars, venues, places that should come with a health warning and even Download Festival UK. However, nothing beats photographing musicians in the Caribbean.

I met the guys from Pagrazz when I was living on a remote Island, I won't name to help preserve it form more tourists. They were the islands entertainment for the weekend. Playing in one bar on the Friday, another on the Saturday and heading a jam session on the Sunday. It was after their Friday gig they approached me, having seen some images I had taken and wanted to shoot some stuff around the beautiful Island.

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I took them to two places, both at either end of the islands. So we hired a golf cart and bundled on. The first area I chose was fairly secluded with stunning views. The later area was just sand and water. I choose this place because of the sand dunes which sit just out to sea. As you start of at the beach, the water is by your ankles. Obviously the more you walk out the deeper it get but at some point the level start to fall. Before you know t you standing on a mound of sand surrounded by water in every direction.

I don't think they expected to be walking out into the ocean holding the instruments above their heads when they asked me to shoot them. It was one of the best things I've ever done in photography and I gave them the experience of playing for one person in the middle of the Caribbean sea. Because thats what it was. As they played I shot and it was just my own personal private show.

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