My First 50

I wanted one so bad but there I never made the money spare to get it. There was no way I was going to be able to get one new at this point, so I invested much time searching eBay and second hand exchange stores hoping to get one at a price just for me. I fondly remember the day well. It was January, cold, I was tired and worked but on a divine mission to get to the Westfield shopping centre in west London. I had had about 1 hour spare before I was to meet the girl. 

We were off to Cornwall the next day, so I had to get it to be able to play with it over the weekend. Bags bumbling off both shoulders through rush hour, tubes and stations. If I was going to get this, the universe was definitely making me work to the last minute for it. Of course I did. It then became my newest and most update bit of kit at the time. Back then I was still finding my feet in my new venture whilst juggling a few other things so I had stuck with my Canon 400D for at least 7 years by then, It stayed with me on and off or a total of 8-9 years maybe.

So there I was in Cornwall, with the girl, my 400D and my new nifty fifty. We had a wicked time in the rain, sleet and fresh breeze. Ha breeze. Created some remarkable images that we loved and even more so now, three years later once I finally got them to look how I was satisfied with them! That’s right, three years we kept them hidden and they are not the only ones in the vault.

It wasn’t until maybe February/March 2017 when I returned back to England and dug them out, that I really became content with a handful of these. It was if something just clicked! I was up until 4/5am, then awake again in few hours later at 8 am. I couldn’t stop and was in the zone. Making separate Lightroom to Photoshop copies and even combine the two programs together…Yes, I have the multiple save files, MULTIPLE…There is still more from the set I haven’t completed in a way that we are both satisfied with them. I think it is possibly from small inconsistencies I got from the light that day. Even these finished ones differ. I don’t mind and don't care; they’re awesome.

The 50mm levelled me up, in 2013 and even now in 2017 it’s been amazing. I used to threat so much that my camera body wasn’t good enough, I Just needed to see things through a different lens.

Credit to Sass for being a fantastic model.
Wig by Lush Wigs formally Geisha Wigs.

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