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My first short credit goes back to 2008. Working with From The Shadows LTD. It was short called 'The Blood Beach'. A mix between The Lost Boys and TombRaider. I was asked to act but knowing I had a camera I was also asked to start taking some behind the scenes images for the production.

Imdb credit - Marc Gates (II)

The Blood Beach 

From the Shadows

My second experience was in 2011, working back with From the Shadows on their next low budget endeavour 'Monitor'. 

Imdb credit - Marc Gates(II)


From the Shadows

In 2013 I reunited with a friend who was working with Sundance Institution. It was to be another short, and another horror. I was asked to come on board as a stills photographer, then my roles doubled as one of the male cast pulled out at last minute. I stepped up and took the acting spot. We were pressed for time and shot the complete thing in a single weekend..

In 2014, Director and writer Olga Matkovska took the film to Cannes short film festival. It won best horror. 

Imdb credit- Marc Gates (III)

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