A Serious Business

"A TV commissioner, a famous young British-Muslim comedian, and his agent wrangle over a new contract towards a tensely fraught climax. A new play about censorship, racial stereotyping and cultural values."

"A Serious Business is about the cut-throat comedy industry. The agent wants his client to be pragmatic and close the deal. The commissioner wants the comic to tone down his show, or she won’t re-sign. And the comic wants to shame the commissioner into backing down. But in the struggle of wills and argument the fall guy is never who you think."

Back to theatre! Its been awhile and I can say i've missed it. There's a certain zest in the air when working with other creatives and this couldn't of been better. Called upon by Paul-Ryan Carbbery at 'New Wave Theatre Company', i was asked to get some rehearsal and behind the scenes images for them. I had worked with Paul-ryan on a previous production 'The Outback Games' which I have also written about on this site. 

I was on it's 34th draft and the crew had one week to work on it, presenting it in a rehearsed reading workshop. If you're unaware of the concept here it goes. The performance is does live as normal however a member of the production staff sits tucked away at the front with the script in hand. Following along with the actors and actresses, they are there on hand incase a line is forgotten. If this is the case and they need to they can be reminded in the super subtle ways. However no such thing was needed on this night. They were excellent.  

Performed at the Hat factory in Luton with a reasonable turn out of around 35-40 people, it was met with laughter, connection and I could even here gasps from the audience. I want to make the point that I find it very beneficial to experience the outcome in assignment like this. Not only to build a better relationship with people but also connection again and it helps me take pride and gives me a better sense of accomplish meant into what I am doing.

Cast and Crew:

Solly - Matt Stubbs 

Asif - Jorell Coiffic-Kamall

Kate - Jo Bowis

Director Paul-Ryan Carbberry

Producer Ellen Waghorn

Writer Dave Florez

New Wave Theatre Company

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