A Serious Business

"A TV commissioner, a famous young British-Muslim comedian, and his agent wrangle over a new contract towards a tensely fraught climax. A new play about censorship, racial stereotyping and cultural values."

"A Serious Business is about the cut-throat comedy industry. The agent wants his client to be pragmatic and close the deal. The commissioner wants the comic to tone down his show, or she won’t re-sign. And the comic wants to shame the commissioner into backing down. But in the struggle of wills and argument the fall guy is never who you think."

There's a certain zest in the air when working with other creatives and this couldn't have been better. Called upon by Paul-Ryan Carbbery at 'New Wave Theatre Company', I was asked to get some rehearsal and behind the scenes images for them. I had worked with Paul-ryan on a previous production 'The Outback Games' and other projects.

I witnessed its 34th draft and the crew had one week to learn the performance, presenting it in a rehearsed reading workshop. If you're unaware of the concept, here it goes. The performance is live as normal however a member of the production staff sits tucked away at the front with the script in hand. Following along with the actors and actresses, they are there on hand incase a line is forgotten. If this is the case and they need to they can be reminded.

Cast and Crew:

Solly - Matt Stubbs 

Asif - Jorell Coiffic-Kamall

Kate - Jo Bowis

Director Paul-Ryan Carbberry

Producer Ellen Waghorn

Writer Dave Florez

New Wave Theatre Company

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